Newport Beach


Newport Beach, California

August 20th, 2016. All day.

The East Coast SuperBlues are flying on Thursday, August 18th and staying at the Radison Hotel.  There is a free shuttle to and from the Long Beach Airport.  You are on your own for transportation to and from any other airport.

We will carpool with local superblues as well as car rentals when we get there.


Date: All day Saturday August 18th
Format: 40+ with two games guaranteed. A few under 40's allowed.
Balboa Peninsula Park
100 Main Street at Oceanfront
Newport Beach, CA 92661

It's right on the ocean by Balboa Pier. Parking is at a premium so get there early. (will be full around 10 ish). Bring shade if possible.
Event coordinators: Pieter, Steve and Rosie


CALL 1-866-676-7081 to book your own hotel and airfare.  You don't have to get a car if you fly into Long Beach Airport. Take the hotel shuttle.


Book your own travel here



Business: 917-719-1360 (Company)

Rob: 917-719-1262

Sign up here:

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